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Welcome to Free Books for All, a website devoted to giving away free nonfiction books, including business books, cookbooks, memoirs, how-to books, travel books, gardening books, mind/body/spirit books, social issues books, and more. All books are provided courtesy of their authors and/or publishers.

If you, as an author or publisher, would like to submit a free book, you can do so by following these directions:

1. Prepare your novel, children's book, short story collection, or poetry book as a PDF file. If you don't know how to do that, ask a friend for help.

2. Place that PDF file on your website. Again, if you don't know how to do that, ask your webmaster for help.

3. Email the URL address of that PDF file to me at

Be sure to include the following subject line: Free Book for Free Books for All

4. Then, when I get the time, I'll add your URL for the PDF to this Free Books for All website under the appropriate category. I'll try to do that within two or three days, unless I'm out of town on a speaking or consulting engagement.

Why should you submit a book to be downloaded free by all sorts of readers?

For one simple reason: To build word of mouth for your book.

The toughest challenge for a newbie or an unknown author is to get readers to sample your book. The best way to get people to sample your book is by giving it away as a free PDF download.

Most people won't read an entire novel on their computer, but they will sample it. And, if they like it, they will go to or their favorite local bookseller and buy it. Then they will read your book. And, if your book is any good, they'll begin to tell other people about your book. Yippee!

That's how word-of-mouth begins. And, please note, 80% of all books are sold by word-of-mouth. So start yours going today!

In 1999, bestselling author Paulo Coelho sold only about 1,000 books, so his Russian publisher dropped him. After he found another publisher, Coelho took a radical step. On his own Web site, he posted a digital Russian copy of The Alchemist. With no additional promotion, print sales picked up immediately. Within a year he sold 10,000 copies; the next year around 100,000. By 2002 he had sold a total of a million copies of multiple titles. Today, Coelho's sales in Russian alone are over 10 million copies and growing. I'm convinced it was putting it up for free on the Internet that made the difference, he said in an interview.

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